roseanne barr is a transphobe, don’t vote for her.  just don’t vote at all.


wow mega bummer. Roseanne Barr is transphobic…


God damn it!

That’s really disappointing and heartbreaking.

Right now I am reading on her twitter more about this, and it sort of breaks my heart as she continues on tweeting.

This all started with an article (that I have not read yet), about a transgendered girl/woman (MTF) exposing herself in a girl’s lockeroom.

I mean, I sort of understand what she meant, but then again it was rude. She is relating transwomen to having predatory behaviors and assholes just because of this article. I just highly doubt she would be this concerned if a transman walked into a men’s locker room and exposed himself. She does understand the fact that “women” are just as able to rape as “men,” correct? I am guessing not due to her choice of words being used.

She also stated that Trans* should have their own bathrooms, which I understand for safety reasons, but it also makes us feel more isolated than we already are. 

I am already seeing her retweet things such as, “Thanks for standing up for females against the increasing backlash we are facing from trans activists with no ethnics.” In this case, I would probably declare that this cis person has no room to speak on Trans* issues. We fight daily just to be ourselves, and just walk into the bathroom to take a piss. Regardless of the gender, we are fighting for our lives. 

This is sort of getting out of hand, but most of the tweets, retweeted or published, are disappointing. Here’s a few more. 

A transgender woman said she was discriminated against after using the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College.

 Colleen Francis was using the sauna in a women’s locker room inside the recreation center at the school late in September.

The same facility is used by two high school girls swim teams from Olympia, who also practice in the pool.

KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke with Francis about the incident in which a woman told her to leave.

 “I looked at her and said, ‘Excuse me?’ And she said, ‘You have to leave, I’ll be right back,’” said Francis. “She wouldn’t identify herself. All she said was that there were a couple of girls that came upstairs to the pool, and said that there was a man in the sauna.”

From article

nothing at all about penises, or exposure, or predatory behaviors. It was about a trans woman that didn’t look like the stereotypical picture of femininity, and was kicked out of the sauna.

I understand that the girls were confused. I get that. I don’t understand why it was so hard for someone to explain to the girls that she was a trans woman, instead of kicking her out.

And I emphasize that with this comment on the same article

I am a captain of the swim team at Capital High School (one of the swim teams that practices at the college) I personally do not have any issue with the woman being in our locker room so to generalize that the “girls are uncomfortable” is not true. I feel this woman has just as much of a right to be there than anyone else and am annoyed how out of control this has gotten.

I don’t think an explanation would’ve hurt anybody or caused a ruckus. Kicking somebody out that has every right to use the facilities, that’s what causes a ruckus. That’s what’s caused this internet shitstorm. And now Colleen is sitting at home hearing all this vile shit spewed on the internet all because she was in the fucking sauna at the fucking college that she fucking pays tuition at.

And now I’m really going to bed, because I am 500% done.

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